Top Tropical Garden Ideas

FRUGAL LIVING – A dwelling or house feels arid and lacks life without the presence of a park, at least there must be plants in pots to provide an element of life in your home.

Land or empty space in your home can be used to present a tropical concept garden that will provide more fresh air and create coolness in your home. The presence of plants in the living space of humans sometimes becomes a thing that has not been noticed. Instead of being organized, the plant is only a display in the corner of the room or a part of the room which is considered less elegant if left open. Likewise with parks, green areas in residential areas, offices, and public spaces have now become ‘rare items’ that are difficult to find, especially enjoyed.

The landscape design trend itself has now undergone many updates. The pattern of mapping plants in the park is no longer fixed on symmetrical lines equally. Not infrequently, the desire to treat longing for nature presents the idea of ​​’juggling’ the forest in the house. Likewise with tricks to give a touch of green to more limited and vertical spaces.

Tropical gardens that are built around a house can make the environment outside and inside the house feel more fresh and natural.

Tropical garden landscapes are associated with warm and humid climates, this is difficult to apply in places that are too cold in the subtropical region or a relatively hot place in urban areas, but difficult is not impossible.
Whatever the conditions of your residence, there are some common elements in any tropical garden landscape design.

Bright and intense colors, paired with the natural simplicity of plain white and natural chocolate, make this garden style warm and inviting. Colors can be applied throughout your open space, incorporated into accessories and furniture with the feel of a tropical island and in the plants you choose.

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