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FRUGAL LIVING – If you like warm, safe, and charming styles, you might be a big fan of French rural design. The French rural kitchen is no different – in a place that historically was a house-driving horse, a kitchen designed in a French rural style evoked a feeling of familiarity, friendliness to traditional life and rather simple.

Here is some inspiration for creating a rural feeling in your kitchen:

1. Color

Let’s start with patterns. Universally, rural French kitchens use clean and bright motifs such as faded white and ivory. You can mix bright motifs with a touch of beige and natural brown motives. Bonus pattern selection that has the illusion of faded shades of orange or yellow in shades of gold. However, using brilliant green or blue vegetables can be difficult; You might want to stay away from them because they look very Mediterranean. Popular rural houses have abundant natural light. Having a large window to let the sun shine on your kitchen wants to strengthen the rural aura.

2. Texture

As already mentioned earlier about the selection of shades, sorting furniture, paint booths, or other objects that have a faded pattern on the sun is meaningful. The weathered appearance of sharing the illusion of having some vintage items in the kitchen of your French country. You can also use wrought iron or rusty metal for the cabinet and drawer handles. Equipping the kitchen with some items made from natural materials such as wicker or sofa and wooden tables and stone tables is also a good inspiration. Not only for countertops, stones such as marble, tiles, and limestone can also be applied to the cubicle.

3. Equipment

It is very difficult to create modern equipment that has a vintage look. To overcome this problem, you can install a wooden cover, something like a cupboard to hide your refrigerator, oven, and kitchen equipment that looks modern or industrial. This is a challenge.

4. Lighting

If you have a big kitchen, it’s a good idea to decorate your ceiling with beautiful crystal chandeliers. Do not choose a chandelier with a modern design. However, you should not use a chandelier if your kitchen is longer or smaller in dimensions. In this case, the large chandelier only wants to make your kitchen appear much smaller.

5. Glass door

Large windows are characteristic of rural French kitchens. Do you want to know where you can use the glass door? Make kitchens and cabinets. Yes, you can change the old door of your kitchen cabinet and cupboard with a glass door. This trick is very good if you have beautiful kitchen equipment for display.

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