FRUGAL LIVING – Building a pool in the garden behind you can be a thrilling experience. It is the dream of every homeowner to be able to have their own swimming pool, where they can swim and float in their private garden. When thinking about the initial steps in your pool construction project, there are many things that need to be considered.

What kind of design is your pool? How much space is there? Should you mix the pool waterfall? What about the landscape design near the swimming pool? How do you make your own backyard pool? Here are some simple inspirations to consider when installing your own backyard pool.

First of all, there are 3 main pool types that can be installed on land :

1. Vinyl Liners

This pool is very easy to maintain and very cheap to install. They exist in various dimensions and forms. Being entirely custom is also possible, but the cost is more expensive. The age of vinyl liners is generally shorter than other surfaces because the liner is indeed worn and needs to be exchanged. You can expect this to happen every 7- 10 years if they are treated properly. The advantage of the vinyl liner pool is when the time comes to change the liner pool, you can also change the look of your pool if you want a different style or style of the liner.

2. Fiberglass

The fiberglass pool is the fastest to install and lasts a long time. They are limited in dimension and form options. Although there are still many that can be selected, the liner pool still has a wider alteration of form and dimensions. They are generally paid more than vinyl liner ponds but less than concrete pools. Fiberglass is also pretty easy to treat.

3. Concrete

A concrete pool is a very versatile pool because there are in many, many forms, dimensions, and forms. Quite a lot if you can dream it, you can build it! They also offer many options for enhancing plaster surfaces, listed coloring, and enhancing small quartz crystals, glass beads, or various dimensions of gravel.


Because of the alterations offered and the materials and time spent on building this pool, they are obviously very expensive to make. Maintenance of these ponds requires a lot of work but is generally not very difficult. Correcting a pool from time to time is very expensive among all pools because re-plastering can be expensive.

These three types of pools have pros and cons. You really can’t go wrong on what you selected. Remember to always be in your budget and also observe long-term maintenance. Many different pool installers want to give you different comments about what they are partial too. Live the study, submit a problem to the pool owner, and decide what is best for you and your household.

After you decide on the pool you want to install, you now want to have a deck that surrounds the pool. When preparing to install a pool deck near your pool, you need to justify some of the things to consider:

  • Make sure you are wrong on the very site of the decking. It’s better to have a lot of space near the pool. You can relax and entertain the very few rooms. Unsafe and unsafe has a small swimming pool deck with relaxing sofas, BBQ, picnic tables, and others. So make sure you design bigger than smaller ones.
  • Style selection and deck style that would really flatter your home and the universal feel of your place. Also, select a comfortable and safe track surface.
  • Know what module you want to use. Actually there are many options for selection. Famous options are cast concrete (brushed or stamped or exposed to aggregate), wooden decks, composite materials, stone or brick decks, concrete pavers, and tiles. On this basis are listed some of the very universal decking preferences selected for the pool. Keep in mind for sorting decks that are simple and easy to care for. Less care means more time to play!

The poured concrete deck offers the best budget idea options. There are many methods for carrying out the concrete and solving it looks great without very much money.

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Wooden decks are a fitting option for ponds on the ground and are also affordable but they also require regular and annual maintenance and maintenance so that they always look good.

  • Composite materials are more on the expensive side but certainly require less maintenance for the long term.
  • Stone decking comes in a variety of options. They look natural but can also be expensive.
  • Concrete pavers come in various shapes and dimensions as well as patterns.
  • Tile decks look fantastic but need to be known that they can be expensive and are often slippery near water.

After you decide on the decking near your swimming pool, there is some meaningful consideration when deciding on the landscape. You want to want to use the design and style of the pool like a very meaningful consideration for landscaping.

The appearance of your deck or patio, and your fence options, also want to be a sturdy aspect in your landscape design :

  • Do not add plants that are very large or scattered, because this would make pond maintenance difficult.
  • Do not allow plants to limit your thinking from the window of the house to the swimming pool. You certainly want to watch the pool every time, especially if there are children in the water.
  • Create attractive places, flower beds, centers of attention, and planting colorful groups that soften the charm of blue water.
  • Hide the pool pump behind the plants in the compliment shed.
  • Make sure that things like grass clippings and runoff do not enter the pond because it will be difficult to keep clean. Remove the scattered plants so that the tips of the branches are at least 8 feet from the pond.
  • Not only that, stay away from plants that are vulnerable to pests and diseases. You don’t want to spray the toxin that ends up in the pool.
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