33 Stunning Backyard Design Ideas And Makeover On A Budget


We know that not everyone has a big budget to build a big house. Of course you certainly want a beautiful home with a low budget right?

Simple garden design in the house is really popular with urban people because it is similar to the design of a house that is usually minimalist as well. If more, a minimalist modern design garden is suitable for use on minimal land around the house, for example in homes type 37, 23, and so on and more comfortable for their care. As the name implies a minimalist garden prioritizes minimalism in its model various elements of both garden plants and other additional elements and maximizing the proper use of the place. Generally, the plants chosen are generally plants that do not grow wild, do not have so many leaves, have clear shapes, and have certain characters.

If seen, many young families living in urban areas have limited land for their homes. This certainly makes the family turn their brains to decorate their home so that it still looks beautiful and comfortable. The limited size and amount of space to make small home decorations need to pay attention to several things. One that is quite attractive is decorating the garden.

Garden at home has more functions than just sweeteners or relaxation. Parks have benefits for the survival of biological and psychological living things. Someone who has a narrow land, of course, it would be very difficult to find an idea to decorate a garden.


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