Amazing Outdoor Garden Water Fountains Ideas

FRUGAL LIVING – Want to increase unique elements to your backyard? Choose some of the unique DIY fountains! However, if you have no idea how to make a fountain, don’t be afraid.

Here you want to create our favorite DIY outdoor fountain, and beautiful options that you can buy. From DIY fountains made from flower pots to homemade fountains that rival store-bought renditions, these easy and unique projects are about to refresh your garden of some sort. Not only that, observe more inspirations of our best back garden makeup, which of course wants to impress your guests throughout the heat.

Almost all the world’s population feels a calming effect. Whether you are sorting out to buy affordable premade fountains or deciding to build it yourself, you certainly want to get some of the great inspiration from these captivating features that highlight a very significant element of nature.

Do you understand that you can make your own outdoor fountain with only a portion of cheap supplies? Be creative in using your ship, and save your shopping budget for items that are not displayed.

The water feature brings a touch of calm to your page, and also is a useful bonus for your area. Not only is the water droplets a peaceful and relaxing sound, the water shares attractive energy for birds and other useful creatures to your garden.

A fresh page does require a beautiful fountain to make all the designs feel more complete and polished. The clean fountain design is perfect for every minimalist page, but can introduce the best in every landscape. You really can let your individual style lead when you arrive at a modern fountain because there are so many amazing designs to be selected.

DIY Splashes Water Feature

Splashes of beautifully fresh water pumping right from the middle of a wooden wall installed in the backyard adds that perfect resort-like essence to your home, while bright white statues introduce some extra splendor.

Amazing Vortex Water Feature

This visually appealing project can be perfect addition to any interior and yard. It is very easy to build and has that soft water sound that can help you relax instantly.

Simple Urn Fourtain

I like the simplicity of this urn fountain because although it certainly is a beautiful and eye-catching feature in a garden, it isn’t too fancy or overbearing. Just make sure that your pot or urn is specifically designed to remain outdoors so that this will last and make it through all weather conditions.

Frontyard Fountains

A limestone drive wraps the fountain at the entrance to the Biscaya Island, Florida, house of architect Robert M. Swedroe and his wife, Rita.

Fountains in Montecito, California

A fountain anchors a property in Montecito, California; the grounds were done by Santa Barbara–based landscape architect Sydney Baumgartner.

Luxury Terrace Fountain

A terrace with a fountain overlooks the pool pavilion at a 1930s Georgian-style home in Houston.

Wilmington Water Feature

Nemours, the 1910 Carrère & Hastings–designed Beaux Arts estate built in Wilmington, Delaware, for American industrialist Alfred I. duPont, underwent a $39 million restoration. The terraced lawn, the reflecting pool, the maze garden with its gilt statue as the centerpiece, the colonnade, and, in the far distance, the sunken gardens and Temple of Love were all rehabilitated. The grounds were reworked by landscape architect Rodney Robinson.

Italianate Garden Water Fountain

Devised by the Los Angeles landscape-design firm Modern Floristry, the Italianate garden in the entrance courtyard of this Beverly Hills home includes a pair of lead fountains from Authentic Provence.

Spherical Chrome Fountain

Palm Beach, Florida

A fountain at a Palm Beach, Florida, estate echoes the blue of the Atlantic Ocean beyond; the grounds were overseen by Lang Design Group Landscape Architects.

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Beach House in Dominica

Designer Juan Montoya devised this hacienda-style beach house in the Dominican Republic for Venezuelan clients. Crisscrossing jets of water in the courtyard’s fountain mimic those at Spain’s Alhambra palace.

Classical Fountain and Pavilion

The classical fountain and pavilion at this northern New Mexico estate were made by Haddonstone. Homeowner Siri Hari Kaur Angleton-Khalsa worked with landscape architect Edith Katz on the design of the grounds.

Fourtain in Tennis Pavilion’s Palm Beach, Florida

A stone fountain is the focal point of the tennis pavilion’s terrace at a Palm Beach, Florida, home by David Easton.

Fountain at Decorator Emily Summers’s

The courtyard’s fountain at decorator Emily Summers’s Palm Springs home was commissioned from Spanish sculptor Xavier Corberó and features one of his basalt statues; in the corner is a 1954 Willy Guhl loop chair.

Andalusian-style Fountain

Low boxwood hedges surround an Andalusian-style fountain near the entrance of a California house by Madeline Stuart.

Natural Beauty of Zen Water Feature

Fountains, whether ornately tiled or designed with simplicity in mind, add both architectural intrigue and tranquillity to any garden.

Gazing Ball Bubbler Fountain

Movable with utmost ease, this tub fountain with a ceramic gazing ball on top is a more than perfect garden accessory constructed with a galvanized bucket, a tub, lots of river rocks, submersible pump, and clay pots.

Minimalist Stone Pond and Fountain

All you really need is one open weekend to create this lovely pond and fountain feature. The tutorial lays out the steps very clearly, so the project itself really isn’t that difficult to get done. If you have to buy the stone the whole project will probably cost around $200, but try to get the stone for free so that you can significantly lower your costs. If you really love working with stone, you could also make yourself this fantastic stone fire pit.


Water Jug Water Feature

With jugs hanging in mid-air, it seems as if this water feature is being operated by some magical spell. A large galvanized tub catches the water flowing from two recycled watering cans that have the garden fence and a pole holding them in place.

Magic Flower Pot Fountain

The secret to the stunning looks of this DIY water feature is those vintage flower pots that make it absolutely different from the regular idea of terra cotta structures. Stones and pebbles work as the cherry on the cake!

Small Relax Patio Fountain

The awesome thing about this gorgeousness is that its totally portable and compact – perfect to integrate some soothing beauty to your patio. The supplies include a large pot, a bucket, a fountain kit, hardware cloth and river rocks.

Teapot Fountain

I am a serious tea drinker, so this adorable teapot fountain is right up my alley! I absolutely love the combination of the rusty vintage teapot and wooden whisky barrel (you can use a wine barrel, too, of course) – it gives it that charming rustic look that I love so much.

Amazing Mushroom Water Fountain

Add a mystical fairy land touch to your garden with mushroom fountain heads showering pretty raindrops to an ultra-mini pond at the bottom. Use wooden logs for the stems and line the whole structure with loads of pebbles for finishing touches.

Galvanized Water Trough Fountain

An antique water pump standing by three gorgeous galvanized buckets stacked on top of each other in an interesting fashion is the star element of this trough fountain, forming unique steps of style statement.

Water Fountains Mini Bubbler

A simple pond bubbler can transform a simple pot, birdbath, or any other object that can hold water into a peaceful fountain you can place anywhere indoors or out. This is an inexpensive project that you can personalize to fit any decor.

DIY Bamboo Water Feature

Providing the water passage to the vessel, that thick piece of bamboo resting on a bunch of close-tied thinner bamboo sticks establishes itself as the complete showstopper here. It’s actually a bamboo artist cup connected to a homemade pump.

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Flower Pot Fountain

The beauty of this DIY fountain is all in the flower pots, so take your time to pick out some real stunners rather than the regular terra cotta pots. If you’re unsure of anything in the process of the build, have a look through the comments section – you should be able to find some answers to your questions there.

Amazing Backyard Fountains Dragons

If you don’t have a lot of room for inground features, there are many fun and eclectic statuary made specifically for use as a fountain. This dragon looks as if it is emerging from the garden beds to provide a simple stream of water.

DIY Colorful Water Feature

These fun pots have been painted with bright, colorful patterns to help bring a burst of color to the otherwise simple rockscape they rest upon. Bubbler fountains provide further interest and serve as the main focus of these garden beds.

Stacked Stones Fountain

The idea of less is more makes this water feature standout with natural simplicity. Different-sized stones when stacked on top of each other with a clear silicone adhesive end up in a super soothing fountain having an underwater pump as its foundation.

Seasonal Water Fountain

If building an inground water feature is an impossibility due to space or time constraints, but you still want noticeable water value, considering an artistic fountain may be a good choice for you. There are many fountains that provide multiple levels of water flow, serve as an attraction to birds, and also provide enough depth for certain plants. They do usually need to be stored without water for winter months when temperatures stay below freezing for long periods of time.

Decorative Water Fountains Ideas

Too easy and affordable for the incredible appearance it sports. This three-tiered fountain is worthy-enough of spending a heartwarming evening in the yard. A $8 pump, a few pots and rocks are all you need to get started.

Diy Water Feature with Water Pad

Water pads are a neat way to create a contemporary look to your yard, as well as include a way to produce water that seemingly comes from nowhere and disappears back to the ground just as easily. These types of designs provide endless possibilities.

Unique Cast Concrete Fountains

If you love the sound of water so much that installing an indoor fountain is what you are looking for, get going to build this concrete fountain with minimal maintenance and expenses. The chief elements are a sphere, a hollow column and a basin.

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