FRUGAL LIVING – Individual outdoor space is the dream of the majority of people who live in city apartments – especially if it’s just a small balcony. (Or, let’s face it, fire escape.) If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony, you owe it to yourself – and all your friends You – to use it as best you can. This means doing more than producing a yard couch and calling it one day. No matter how small, your balcony has a lot of design skills.

Not many of us are quite fantastic when we decorate our balconies, let alone the majority of us treat our balconies like a store space by throwing away all utilities every day.

Here is some amazing inspiration for replacing your gloomy balcony into an exciting place to live:

1. Check your balcony

Is your balcony really small? What does your balcony look like? Features such as dimensions, appearance, floor and zone zones closed on your balcony must be set before you let alone plan to update it. If your balcony is very small, plan a limited revision section. Similarly, the number of items placed on a small balcony can be limited to only 2 or 3.

2. Contemplate the style of your balcony

Make note of all the themes that can be converted into your balcony. Refer to various online websites to get ideas on apartment themes. Based on the selected theme, you can sort furniture, accessories, flowers and other objects to be placed on the balcony. However, if you can familiarize your own theme to fit your comfort, try to include space for a barbecue, a safe bed or it can be a beautiful entertainment room. At the same time, if you live in a rental room, get to know what is mandatory as well as those that don’t need a balcony make-up from the owner.

3. Planning in and out

Especially before you decide to redesign your balcony, consider what the effect of your balcony’s makeup on the person next to you, as well as dripping potted plants and thick leaves on your balcony that might be full of insects could really be their attention. Also, the moisture that is often from watering plants You can be angry too.

4. Create your own balcony kitchen garden

Who said the balcony cannot be converted into a small vegetable garden? Although it may seem unusual, you can raise green vegetables by having a flower bed, vegetable garden or herb garden on your balcony. Enhance the combination of perennials, herbs and seasonal pleasure amidst the right seating arrangements on your balcony.


For growing larger plants on your balcony, you can explore the patio yard method to secure your building and your plants. However, remember to place plants that require a lot of sunlight on an elevated platform. Make sure to secure your plants to fences or other strong surfaces so they don’t crash into the balcony of the person next to you or in the path.

5. Place trendy furniture

If you want to make your balcony an entertaining room, barbecue or bedroom, take a sofa and a small coffee table. If your balcony is quite large, you can put a weather-resistant chair, hammock, or a couch to sit and enjoy nature. Add charm to your balcony by installing bird feeders that want to attract more birds and make your balcony a heavenly abode. Stay away from placing so many objects on your balcony and make sure the furniture and plant containers are suitable or most trendy patterns.

If you prefer to protect the distance of the person next to you from your balcony, you can cover the side of the balcony that is open with colorful cloth / anti-weather curtains that can blend well with the room and floor.

6. Balcony lighting Apt

Increasing the right lighting on your balcony gives you the thematic look that you desire. Look for electrical outlets on your balcony or add extensions if you don’t have them. Do not install expensive lamps and instead install low wattage, warm-patterned light bulbs to illuminate certain zones or create your own special lights that can dangle from the ceiling of your balcony.

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Not only lights, you can enhance colorful Christmas lights on plants / fences, or just decorate your balcony with a specially designed small courtyard lamp or a booth lamp. However, if there is no electricity on your balcony, you can lighten your balcony with a scented paraffin, don’t remember to postpone it before you leave your balcony.

7. Paint balcony cubicles

Your balcony cubicle can be made with innumerable methods integrated into the theme. If you have placed various kinds of plants on your balcony, paint the room with the same pattern or have a uniform paper booth. To make your balcony look wider and brighter, you can color the room with a brighter pattern with a little light pattern here and there to match the furniture and decoration.

8. Enliven the floor

Why leave the balcony floor You look scattered and uneven in the middle of a nicely decorated room? Share your balcony with an up-to-date look by installing wooden floors, which you also want to be easily treated. You can also sort out stone floors, rubber floors, plastic floors or fairly cover the excursion zone which is very widely used with strong rugs. Having the right floor covering not only makes your balcony an apartment space, but also shares a neat look.

9. Personalize your balcony

Add the finishing touches to your balcony by freeing up your creative skills and making your space more personal and more personal. Hang family pictures or memories together with calendars, booth art, and other equipment needed on the balcony. But make sure all this weather and water resistant. If your balcony has a hammock attached, put a rack of novels in the cubicle to protect your favorite volume.

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