FRUGAL LIVING – Beyond universal belief, there are actually many methods for designing vegetable gardens. With the right design and care, you no longer need to hide your vegetable garden from thought. Moreover, a well-designed vegetable garden can be very attractive and functional.

The Vegetable Garden design is a smaller replica of full-dimensional agriculture and special plants with straight lines lined from one side to the other of all plots. But on the other hand, there is absolutely no alibi why when needs arise and the conditions of development needed are met so that you cannot design your own vegetable garden as you wish.

Most vegetables can be planted successfully in irregular vegetable gardens, borders and even more so in this matter, containers and so you only limit in this condition the needs of each plant you want to use.

In most zones, it is better and obligatory for me to say, good application, to prepare the soil for the coating in the fall and the zone that you have chosen for gardening must have adequate drainage. You must stay away from the shade as much as possible because the vegetables you want to plant require at least 8 hours of sunshine every day.

If you can’t stay away from the shade, you can still plant some leafy vegetables like carrots or lettuce successfully. You want to put bib slang because your new garden is thirsty. Not only that, you must avoid plants because you want to produce a lot of shade and also want to compete with vegetables that you just planted for energy sources such as water.


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