FRUGALLIVING – A unique plant house is a house made from plants with unique home designs. Plant house is a house equipped with inspiration to build a house in plants. This inspiration also came from observing a house surrounded by many plants that were surrounded or located close to the forest.

To plant a house the same as another house is like a residence. But another property of this house is to protect the trees that are used to always live and develop well. That is why the design of plant houses is also made with materials derived from plants too, is wood.

There are some inspirations of plant houses that want to help you make beautiful plant houses:

1. Planning

Initially, you must have a plan for building a house. You must find out in which plants you want to build a house. You must make a sketch of the house design and justify the dimensions of the house. You need to control the materials and equipment that you want for your home. Then there is furniture that wants to enter the house. All of this must be done before you really start building a house of plants.

2. Tree Selection

Which is primarily a house of plants You must be very sturdy and comfortable. The impact of the plant that you select must be strong. You can build a house on any plant as long as it is ripe and sturdy. It’s a good inspiration to build your house in maple plants. With the change of time and air, the plant should be able to hold the house properly. Another thing that you must check is that plants are free from insects or reptiles at risk.

3. Designing

The next step is designing the house. Ideally, you should make a sketch of the house that fits on paper with precise measurements that want to make your work very easy. The dimensions of the house must be specified, do you want to go for a house with one room or two rooms. It also wants to depend on the plants that you have selected. You must have a sketch of the house that fits the room placement and dimensions.

4. Material

When you are looking for materials to build your plant house, first try and have as much as you can from your garden. This is a better inspiration than directly hitting the market and buying expensive ingredients. If you can get it near your house, it will save you money and effort. Try and use only solid materials to build your home. This will make your house last long. It could be many future generations You want to like it.

5. Color

The next step is to ensure the pattern of the house. Wear patterns that withstand all weather and don’t fade lightning. You should ideally give this option to your children. They want to be more than willing to make this option and they especially want to happily paint their own homes.

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The idea of ​​such a plant house forms a significant part of a child’s development. This house is about to be owned by a child, so let them say it in the coloring section. You can supervise when they carry out this activity.

6. Furniture

The last part is tackling furniture and makeup. This again is the domain of children and must be left to them. Allow them to overcome what they want there and how they make it safe and secure for themselves. Now that I have given all the inspiration for the plant house with you, you must seriously think about building one for your children.

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