FRUGAL LIVING – If you are looking for inspiration in garden design, you have come to the right place. Here we have gathered a variety of fresh ideas for your garden and you can start planning immediately. Finally, the time has come for the garden you always dreamed of. Enjoy the various gardening styles presented here. The right garden accessories and plant species set the accent on an extraordinary outdoor atmosphere that acts as a healthy vacation. You can do your own memorable adventure or hire a landscape architect to help you with this and give you the right advice.

Swimming pool shaped like a fish pond is very integrated with nature. The boundaries of the pond are covered with grass and ornamental plants. This design shows the part of the house that gives the feel of “back to nature”. Nothing is more valuable than this fresh morning in heaven. If you find these garden ideas useful, see the photo below and let us know.

Providing smaller than usual waterfall elements in the park will provide freshness for the house. This is because the water element can indeed make the house feel cooler. In addition, the sound of gurgling water will also make the atmosphere calm and comfortable.

Not only plants, but the garden can also be equipped with various furniture. One application is a swing chair in the park. Suitable for relaxing while enjoying the view of the garden. Plus its position in the garden corner shows that design can take advantage of every corner of the room.

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