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FRUGAL LIVING – The universal problem experienced by homeowners when decorating their homes is to sort out what patterns they want to use for room decoration. If you have the chance to go to a paint shop, you might have seen hundreds of different shades and colors that can be selected when someone designs a pattern scheme. What else can you feel really overwhelmed?

Personalize your bathroom or powder room with these creative ideas to combine and match your favorite patterns. You want to be surprised to see some of the mixes that play a role.

Not all people have eyes for patterns or can sort out patterns that look good together in a room. If you are looking for inspiration for a mix of patterns for use in your house’s makeup, here are 5 things to consider:

1. Chocolate, Blue and Cream

This pattern scheme looks good in every room in the house. When using chocolate, blue, and cream to decorate the room, make sure you protect the balance of the most important style when applying dark brown patterns.

If you have a dark brown chair, lighten it up with a beige or light blue pillow. On the other hand, if you have a cream chair, add flowers with brown and blue pillows. Look for patterns that have all three patterns to increase more visual attention.

2. Shades of Chocolate and Cream

If you want a peaceful resting place in your home, whether in the bedroom or in the bathroom, look for shades of brown and beige. Look for a variety of shades from each point of the spectrum from dark chocolate to creamy white or bright. This mixture of styles is very similar to the monochromatic theme but you can easily increase attention by pairing a brighter pattern with a blacker pattern so the room looks more alive.

3. Blue and Orange

Blue and orange are freestyle schemes, which means they are apparently opposite each other on the color wheel. The key to a mixture of blue and orange patterns is to protect the pattern of staying still rather than using oranges and bright blues. This motif can be easily worked into a contemporary style room by increasing white or even less brown into a combination.

4. Dark and White

Dark and white is a mixture of classic patterns that can be used to make room in your home. The great thing about dark and white is that it can be modern or traditional depending on the piece you use. If you want to enhance another style to a dark and white room, try adding a red or green pattern accent. There is no shortage of dark and white house accessories, so this pattern mix must be one that is very easy to use.

5. Pink and Green

Other freestyle schemes, pink and green, are suitable in rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms, and sangai rooms. When decorating with pink and green shades You certainly want to enhance neutral shades like white or cream or you could end up with a lot of shades in the room. Keep the style in the same nuance. For example, you don’t want to pair neon pink with mint green.

If you don’t have inspiration for a mix of patterns for your home, these 5 are the right place to start. They must give you some inspiration when decorating your house. By using this thesis recommendation for a base and after that enhancing your own style to them, you can make your house look unique.

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