FRUGAL LIVING – Balcony space can be hard to come by if you live in a big city, but if you are blessed with a balcony (where you live too!). Not just a sweet little place for drinking coffee on fresh air it is also a good place for growing plants and flowers.

However, what plants you plant on your balcony depend on how much sunlight you have because different plants and flowers require different levels of sunlight to grow. Are you ready to start a mixed garden, want to plant colorful flowers, or want to distribute ornamental plants a little outside of time, this is what you need to know?

If you have a balcony, you can increase the page. The key is to optimize the amount of space you have. Don’t think that vegetables only come from the ground at the bottom of your feet.

To make a tomato plant grow upside down, about what you need to live is:

1. Drill a hole in the bottom of a plastic container. Make a hole in the bottom of the container that is big enough to slip the plants, but it’s quite small so you don’t run out of the soil.

2. Cut a yard cloth or plastic slightly larger than the hole in the container. Make an X-shaped piece in plastic, and slip it over the tomato plant.

3. Next, place the plants with plastic, upside down through the hole in the bottom of the container. Hang your container with tomatoes facing the bottom and fill the top of the container with soil. You want to water your tomato plants at the top of the container.

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Increasing the variety of bush vegetation will also use less space. Look for bush cucumbers and chickpeas to optimize space. The base vegetables will develop in a container if the depth is sufficient.

All you need is a little imagination. You can also use your creativity when sorting the container. Bricks, cement blocks, and wood are some of the things that you can use to make a container for your vegetables.

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