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FRUGAL LIVING – The side garden is part of the house that we often miss. That is why we cannot leave this place as it is because sometimes the side garden is only a place to put objects that are not used or just want to be green with grass. Now is the time to make a small side garden into a charming little yard. All you need is the desire and good effort for that. There are some things that need to be observed before you start renovating the side garden:

1). When do you want to use your garden?

When designing your perfect design, visualize the time and time of the year that you use very much in your garden. If you plan to be located outdoors in the morning, find a zone that is very safe for you at that time.

Proper and efficient lighting is very meaningful if you plan to spend time in the park at night. Also, the terrace or closed terrace is absolutely mandatory for repelling insects in some areas and also wants to allow you to enjoy the park during the rainy season. If you enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors during the heat until choosing plants, plants, and flowers that bloom as far as the year.

2). How many parks do you want to use?

Most of the houses are located smack in the middle of their land. So the zone around it can be different in size, but you almost always have 4 parts of the landscape; front, back, and 2 yards side.

The traditional mindset is that the park behind you is for entertainment and the front garden is for show. But you must really think about a design that takes into account all your gardens, sides and all. With this method, you can use different times of the day and night when each zone is located in the best condition.

Consider protecting

Consider protecting the front garden with green booths or private fences. At the end of the week when the area is galivanting in their backyard, you want to have a front for yourself. If it’s too much for your taste, you can still think of putting a part of the ornamental bed in front to break the folly of the stand-alone grass garden.

Keep in mind that it is always in your best interest to protect the front garden You are neat to stay away from the hatred of the next-door person. If you want to plant wild grassland or enchanted forest, talk to the person next to you first so they know what else is intertwined. A well-maintained road is a means to display if there are your design goals compared to your scattered front garden.

The backyard

The backyard is the safest bet for the children’s play zone. This one has no brain. The closed zone provides the best balance between space for running and playing versus the need to protect children from predators and unexpected dangers such as a speeding car.


You are not required to dispose of your vegetables only in the back garden, you must place them wherever nutrition and comfort ensure. Well-arranged patches are planted in eye-catching patterns and combined with some colorful flower beds that can actually make an attractive front garden. But keep in mind that the vegetable garden is not as attractive as the past.

Plan creatively

Plan creatively to use your side garden. A simple end table and sofa or moreover a hammock can be very well used for a strange side garden. Another benefit for the side can put a strawberry patch where the sun looks longer than other parts of the park.

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