FRUGAL LIVING – When we approach February 14, the best recommendation is to find a more artistic and sexual method for expressing your love. Involve yourself more in this time by lighting up the atmosphere through DIY Valentine’s Day makeup that is simple but efficient. To help you protect the fire that is always burning, here are some of the most decorative inspiration explored by the majority of women.

Change your house into a hut of love with pink, red makeup, and in the form of this cute heart. You not only want to impress the guests, but you want to have all the people ready for a love vacation especially before it comes. Don’t underestimate the power of mood control.

Are you as tired as little sweets in the form of white hearts with messages like “I like you” printed on it? Be a little creative this year and arrive with some new Valentine’s Day gifts to bring to school and work.

Here is some inspiration to help you get started :

1). Valentine’s Day Cakes

Make a batch of Sugar cookies or take cooled dough at a grocery store. Cut them with a heart and baked cake cutter. Frost with glaze powdered sugar, water, and a little red blush, or make it very simple and buy a pre-made frosting container. Use a part of the frosting pen to write a message or draw a cookie. Add some sprinkles and you’re ready! Don’t forget to invite your children to participate in decorating what cakes they bring to school. They want to pretend to prepare this special treat.

2. Valentine’s Cup Cakes

Buy a box of devil’s combination cake (or your favorite taste) and prepare it according to the package instructions. Line the muffins with a paper liner and pour the dough as needed each one until the contents are close to 1/3 full. Top with 1 tablespoon of fruit preservatives (strawberries play well) after that add more dough until the muffins are close to being filled. Bake matches the direction of the cake combination. When it’s cold, wipe it with powdered sugar or frozen, and sprinkle it with red-hot candy hearts.

3). Valentine’s Day Cakes

Bake what flavored cakes also in the form of a heart cake. Allow cooking and cut in half horizontally. Combine a few drops of red blusher into a shaken topping container, and spread it on the bottom of the cake. Add the top structure and freeze any of the outsides of the cake. Give toppings with fresh berries.

4). Chocolate Lollipops

Have a lollipop mold in the form of a heart. Liquid milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate (good quality chocolate chips). Pour the melted chocolate into the mold and add the lollipop stick. Allow it to cool until it freezes. Wrap the plastic and tie with a small bow. Use leftover chocolate and plastic spoons to make an elegant coffee stirrer. Pretty dip the plastic spoon in melted chocolate. Allow it to cool and repeat until you reach the desired thickness. Both can be decorated by melting various types of melted chocolate on top of the finished product.


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