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FRUGAL LIVING – Her interior makeup is a wonderful opportunity to express yourself and display your attention on art and furniture. Each makeup style in the interior of the house is different; some are complicated, while others are minimal. Make-up allows you to familiarize your home, apartment, condo, or room with a DIY accent that replaces your space with a limited budget without completing a full-scale reshuffle. If you want to tackle a bigger DIY project, rethink your kitchen with renovation ideas that you can solve yourself.

Producing your own makeup is useful for you, you get satisfaction for yourself and make it the right style you want. From room art to lights, you can sort which parts fit your unique style and vision. Not only that, the budget is always at the top of the record when you plan to make interior make-up at home. Although hiring a reliable interior decorator can really create the best in your home, it can be very expensive.

But even so, there are beautiful interior make-up procedures for yourself that you can apply in your home. Novels, television programs, magazines and some internet websites can give you inspiration as well as suggestions for interior make-up at home.

Steps in the interior makeup DIY :

1. Decide which room you want to decorate and make sure you have all the equipment you want when you are ready to start your makeup project.

2. Have a new nuance to the zone by writing down what you enjoy doing and what you don’t enjoy. Decide what you want to be in this space and who wants to use it. Make notes and explain how you want the room to work. Next, determine whether you want it to be warm and inviting, peaceful, energetic, slim and stylish.

3. Make a simple plan, which is quite simple because of the many options available at this time. Carefully measure the space listed for windows and doors. You can sort them out using graphic paper and good old pencils or buy affordable furniture template kits.

4. It’s time to sort out the style of the room. The booth style wants to control the stage for all rooms. Remember that you must be able to sort furniture, fabric, wood, leather first before you sort out cubicles to be able to align the room properly.

5. If you are a person who likes the interior makeup of the original home, you can think of some items as well as handmade and old collections. For this style, you can use furniture and accessories, which look very stained, worn or antique. Room selection shades of warm and black shades for this type of red brick or black gray.

6. Another interesting design is a strange makeup that allows you to go wild with your imagination. You can use all your favorite patterns and various patterns.

7. Traditional design is a mixture of modern look and beautiful appearance in the future. In this design, space is meaningful. Neutral motifs like cream, neutral or mushroom are the best for the room. Blacker patterns such as light purple, burgundy, green or blue can be used for fabrics, upholstery and rugs. Consider increasing crystal or porcelain objects like style accessories or enhancing artwork into space. Wood-framed paintings are very suitable for this kind of design.

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