FRUGAL LIVING – When properly tested, make-up shows and good Halloween props can share your aged guests who are cold they want to remember long after the event. One very efficient method for giving your makeup more psychological consequences is by sorting out themes. A coherent theme helps to control the mood better than a random collection of makeup.

Just one more month and many of us started to prepare it, especially if there are some planned parties. Today we want to look at some inspiration for decorating your living room for Halloween, which is traditionally about some points, and which is very meaningful is a coffee table and coat, although the latter is not everywhere it still exists.

Straight Out of a Horror Movie

If you are a fan of films, this theme would be easy to make. Say your favorite scary movie is Psycho. Set your entry method so that you appear to be a lobby of the Bates motel, complete with a guest novel. In the living room, dressing up a corpse or a skeleton was like the late Mrs.

Bates, And don’t forget to put the remains of poor Marion Crane in the bathroom. With the theme of the horror film set, the details are very helpful. By using the Psycho theme like an example, you can hang a lenticular portrait that changes in your living room and call it “Mother.”

Haunting Ghosts

Moreover, those who claim to be “not sure of ghosts” are still a bit frightened by activities that seem paranormal when the mood is right. Make it really shake the ghost theme, don’t skimp on your ghost’s makeup and props. Hanging sheets does not want to cut it.

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What you want, at least for your ghost who is very visible, is a ghost that looks like a human. His crooked face, pale skin, and hollow eyes that really crept out. If you have room in your Halloween makeup budget, refer to the ghost illusion prop. The 3- D semi-transparent figures of this project that seem realistic are realistic. Ghost illusion DVDs want to make you get the same impact cheaper.

A Night with the Devil

This is another theme that is more about cold than horror. To get the best from this theme, prepare devil props like the kind of life you can find. Place it in the guest area You want to spend most of their time, whether in the living room or outside near the fire.

To flatter your devil, take some ghosts and demons. An animated demon that is active with motion or sound can be found at a price of less than $ 30. Hang some winged demons and allow those who stand to lurk in the black corners. Placing one outside on the window ledge looking for also produces a nice chilling effect.

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