FRUGAL LIVING – When you get ready to go to a large academy in the fall, you might want to plan to make some of the dormitories you want to be envious of in all buildings.

You still have plenty of time to think about the type of makeup you want from your dorm room and after that, instead of buying it, why not put some of the dough in and make it?

You have all the heat to DIY for all your heart. Afraid that you aren’t sly enough? Do not be! These projects are not difficult – they are quite easy so that each student can finish them with style and panic. Plus, they’re all budget conscious so you want to save too! Take a few items every day that are used by most students and turn them into unique pieces that want to make you jealous of your floor friends.

Buying Furniture

Buy expensive quality bedroom furniture. Moreover, cheap bedroom furniture is also not cheap unless you think the thin Chinese-made plastic drawers that some students use in their dorm rooms are like furniture. In theory, you can get significant savings by buying everything you need like a package.

In practice, many packages arrive with foreign pieces inside. Increases insults to wounds, pieces you want (for example racks and storage crates) are not included and you are required to buy these extras at the full price listed. Fortunately, for those who are patient, there are some solutions.

The default option for most furniture buyers is to buy online or wait for a warehouse or sale. After all, everyone knew they could get very steep discounts with this method. Looking at 30% to 50% of the price of the note is a matter of course. The selected pieces can be subject to a discount of 70% or 80% at certain times, for example when retailers try to sterilize their last showroom storefront from a set of discontinued furniture so that they can bring their next fashion.

1). Wooden Board

Buy some wooden boards (and plywood boards) with square edges and the size you want, stick with wood glue on the edges to make early connections, then carefully hammer some long long nails to strengthen the connections. Of course, there are limits to what you can build with this method, but a simple rack or rack is also located within the limits of this method.


If your rack needs to carry some heavier items, you might need to hammer some of the bonus wooden blocks near the joint to strengthen it. And don’t less remember coloring your rack, it wants to look pretty bad, the opposite.

They must have a base in the DIY section, woodworking, carpentry, or furniture from their catalog. Photocopy the blueprint you want as a reference, after that go to your local wood park or carpenter’s workshop and buy the wood you need.

The best wood to use is beech or pine softwood. Oak is expensive and very difficult for the majority of newcomers to work with it. However, pay them a small fee to cut wood to the dimensions you need. You may need to drill some of the holes, so ask for or borrow an electric drill from a friend or person next to you.

After that, just explore the blueprint for assembling separate pieces of wood into furniture that you want. The final step is to “finish” the furniture that you just built. Step no. 1 is to smooth the entire surface with sandpaper. Doing this by hand is very boring and time-consuming. So, borrow electrical equipment with sanding attachments from one person and use it to make the task easier.

The next step is a pretty simple paint and you’re done. Even though there are high-quality, more up-to-date completion steps for DIY projects, let’s leave that to the fans.

The first time you make a rack novel (say that for your son’s bedroom), it could be that you want to spend all the weekends (not listed the time you need to wait for the paint to dry). You might need to find a Yellow Garden to create someone to sell the wood to you.

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You might need one or 2 hours to call the person next to you to borrow equipment that you don’t have. But think about the benefits of real solid wood that you use is almost always more sturdy than fiberboards made of modern furniture and you save a lot of money. Not only that, but your next project will also be faster, and the next one will be faster.

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