FRUGAL LIVING – If you’ve been decorating your space for a long time, you might find out the value of pieces of makeup that can be replaced and redecorated to match the occasion or time. The bouquets show golden leaves and red berries and pastel flowers. The picture frame turns through quotes about the sun and snow and Christmas and spring. Vas proudly holds branches on one day and blooms the next day.

The basic pieces are always the same, which makes makeup affordable and easy for any wallet. That’s why you want to invest in some of the pharmacy jars if you haven’t already. There are so many methods you can fill them in and so many places you can put them on, they are almost as meaningful as throwing a pillow. Check out these 76 methods for decorating your pharmacy urn for the spring, just in case you need a little more convincing.

From holding herbs in the Middle Ages to having fresh-smelling soaps, the pharmacy jar has surpassed its original goals for years. At this time, you can put 2 or 3 pots on your living room table like a simple but attractive center.

This container came from a traditional vase that was used by people for a thousand years later in Europe. At that time, medical experts who were known to be like pharmacies used to put ointments, herbs and medicines. While they are currently comparable to modern pharmacists, they are much more than that because they are chemists and doctors who diagnose and cure all types of diseases.

Very early variants are made from soil materials such as clay, and after that grow to include brass and other metal materials. Over time, glass is used by most doctors. This allows the person to see clearly the contents of the bottle, and at the same time avoid the substances in it being contaminated or carried by the bottle material. Glasses, although a little more expensive at that time, were the perfect ingredients for doctors.

Pot that is very universal dimension again, able to bring one liter of liquid or plant. The smaller one is allowed for a portion of the drug, while the most, capable of carrying more than one gallon, is used for ingredients that are very often sought.

The shape of the jar is very meaningful. Whereas most bottles have wide necks to make it easier to get medicines placed, some are made with a thinner neck to avoid theft and better protect the liquid inside.

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