FRUGAL LIVING – If you have a backyard garden, you know that you imagine sitting in the yard at the bottom of the shade while chatting with family and BBQ. This is the dream of every gardener. To realize this dream, you need a pergola.

Pergola is the right solution for the zone in your yard that requires shade. They are also good for dividing outdoor space. So, if you need shade and also some inspiration for the method of building a pergola, I have them for you here. No need to look further.

After you decide to use the pergola, the initial subject that you must know is the pergola design that suits your needs. This section at the bottom of the page wants to present you a very universal pergola design and features that make it unique :

1. Attached

As the name suggests, the attached pergola is a structure that wants to always stick to your residence. Based on your preferences, you can build a pergola in the back or front of your house. They can consist of various ingredients; You can sort modules according to your wishes. Regarding the particulars that you must remember when sorting out the materials for the models installed, you must fulfill your home style perfectly. It must seem like an extension of your house.

Here is an example that would make you master how the pergola can be in accordance with the design of your home. If your house already has a deck, you must try to give the attribute pergola the same as the deck; You can use the same type of wood or you can use the same style of paint.

2. Deck

This type of pergola is attached to the house and deck. To justify that the pergola design as well as the deck design meets well, you must build it at the same time. However, if your house already has a deck, you must build a pergola later, using materials and patterns that meet each other.

3. Freestanding

You can place the pergola freely in any part of your garden. One of the things that you must consider when installing a freestanding model is whether it looks visually attractive in that position.

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The very universal zone where this type of pergola is installed includes: on the side of a swimming pool, above a hot tub, terrace and certainly in the garden The appearance of the pergola freely varies depending on the style and material used in it and the planters and vines used to decorate them. A very universal material used to make this structure is wood, primarily cedarwood. However, you also want to create some items made of aluminum and vinyl.

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