FRUGAL LIVING – The farmhouses are charming and stylish. Showing bright motifs and various wood finishing touches, these houses mix touches from the later days. Mixing old-fashioned touches with modern facilities in the laundry room at this time provides a good contrast and makes us more grateful for the ease of doing laundry in the current era.

Style of farmhouse did not get behind the era. Not only share your living room and kitchen with a friendly farmhouse appearance, you can also share the same treatment for your laundry room. Decorating your laundry room with an exciting style You can actually change your behavior about washing clothes. Because laundry is a daily task for most of us, we can also try and use it with a great laundry room!

Have you ever thought about how many hours you spend in the laundry room if you increase it at the end of each week? If you are like me, there were some days ago without doing at least one laundry. Therefore, it is a very good idea to decorate your laundry room with a style or theme that excites you and helps with the washing task a little more.

What makes you happy and engross your eyes? Is that the waterfront, antiques, artwork, red shades? What’s also that, remember that you are not obliged to decorate the laundry room with the same style or theme as other parts of the house. The first step in decorating your laundry room is to sort out the themes. Whether it’s tropical or vintage, take it to all your laundry rooms.

If you choose not to use makeup themes in your laundry room, you can easily liven up the room with colorful paint in the cubicles, refurbished or painted cabinets, artwork, flowers, and upgraded floors. Make sure the floor forgives spills. Vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, and ceramic tiles are good options.

If you decide to color a room in the laundry room, you may want to color only one room so that the other room has a neutral pattern. Very hue paint motifs will reflect on the shirt so it is difficult to see the spots. If your laundry room has neon lighting, which has blue casts, neutral motifs with yellow tones can help fight blue patterns.

Perhaps the best method for loving your laundry is to arrange it so that you know where all the detergent and blot eraser is located. The following tips can help you take control of your laundry room:

1. If your laundry room has a counter room, keep it from scattering so you can use it to fold clothes. If you don’t have a table in your laundry room, buy a small melamine table that is resistant to spotting and waterproof to give you space to sort and fold your clothes.


2. Store detergents, spotting removers, sponges, and other laundry room supplies in the cupboard or rack above the washing machine. You could also want to install a bonus rack or premade cupboard in your laundry room for bonus storage.

3. Choose an ironing board that can be installed in a booth or over-the-door style. The over-the-door style does not require installation and hangs over the door frame, falls when you need to wear it, and snaps back where you ended up.

4. If space becomes a problem, consider installing clothesline that can be pulled for clothes to dry. This type of clothesline is safe, affordable and easy to install.

5. Buy a laundry basket on wheels so you can move it when needed.

6. Consider hanging a laundry bag that wants to help you do the laundry every day. This arrangement does not require floor space, so it is perfect for small laundry rooms.

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