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FRUGAL LIVING – This main bathroom makeover has long arrived. So I want to offer a little encouragement today and make it clear to you that if you are in the middle of an overhaul or let alone a dream of an overhaul, don’t give up! Even though my mind was spinning around with ideas and dreams of renovating the main bathroom, we lived with a half-torn shower, pink dressing table and tiles, and partial demonstrations for more than a year.

This farmhouse style main bathroom is my dream, put together from a combination of expedition inspiration (sleek hotel style) and neutral dark and classic white that always makes the room look fresh. It was far from the popcorn ceiling and the Pepto motif that greeted us on a moving day but we always lived with and in it, until the time was right.

There are a number of things you can go through to set up any bathroom remodeling fees. Many are very cheap. Here are 7 suggestions for helping you get through without disturbing the bank!

1. Leave the equipment

Leave the equipment in the same position. Making a large plumbing replacement requires a licensed plumber who expects to be paid a lot of money. But if you leave the equipment in the same position, you may be able to place all the new equipment yourself with the encouragement of a DIY shop. You can also reuse your old equipment if it seems neutral. This can save thousands of dollars to remodel.

2. Basic white selection

Basic white selection for permanent equipment. This is a classic and the cost is also cheaper than the style or special equipment.

3. Reuse cabinets if possible

Reuse cabinets if possible. Expensive wardrobe. If you can reuse or reuse the cabinet, it will save you money.

4. Fresh new

Fresh new, paint can make any room also look better and more attractive. This is the cheapest method for obtaining a new look.

5. Don’t be very decorating

Don’t be very decorating. The person next to us increased the new bath to their house that they wanted to turn over. After that, they filled it with ruffles and lace. Prospective buyers are not impressed. The house still hasn’t been sold after years of effort.

6. Pay attention to the floor

Pay attention to the floor. Carpets or cheap vinyl flooring turn off buyers. But they like ceramic tiles, stone or wood.

7. Selection of appearance

Selection of appearance that matches the architecture of the house. When people like the outside, they hope that the inside is appropriate. If the house is Tudor, the bathroom must have the same appearance. Mid-century modern want to require wood floors and slate or cork. A cottage or farmhouse might look good with a marble surface and a pedestal sink in white porcelain.

In order for the job to run easily, ask someone to act as a project manager, confirming that all the necessary supplies are in position and all decisions have been made just before the work begins. Delay in construction requires payment.

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