FRUGAL LIVING – There is nothing like a field outside of a modern home that offers clean lines, wide windows, and undeniable beauty. Do you prefer the look of industrial metal, or prefer the warmth of wood, there is a modern home style that is endless to love, and the outside is no exception. Plus, the large window and open concept layout allow you to show your inner world to the outside world, from eliminating warm light at night, to offering a glimpse into your design scheme during the day. Kick aspects of your home style to overdrive and have inspiration from this modern facade.

Style in architecture. This is another matter that is very closely related to the character of a person, but you must admit, when someone has a style, this is clear to all people. I think the architect and owner of the houses have an extraordinary architectural style and this is one of the alibis why I put the houses in the record.

3D House Design is a different method for architects to design homes, not far away from conventional 2D design methods, but more competitive. 3D House Design, a kind of traditional method also includes floor plans, height and perspective of the project. One of the comparisons is that 3D Home Design features 3D Floor Plans and 3D Altitude instead of conventional 2D.

3D Home Design in a person’s perspective Architect, Create an architect, presentations for clients using 3D Home Design can be a big advantage because presentations want to be able to attract client attention from an early age, with a rich presentation style of floor plans and elevation.

3D House Design in the Client’s perspective, Create a client who has no architectural background, watch the architect’s presentation, most of all with architects who display boring 2D photos and talk about them in technical design especially if you don’t understand a bit, can be a tedious task. But when an architect presents a 3D presentation to you, you want to be able to quickly master what the architect informs. No need to outline technical terms and plan photos, you just need to look at the presentation and you want to have inspiration about what kind of project it will be.

3D House Design and its components, Presenting for clients consists of 2 phases, the primary phase and the main phase. The main session was a presentation of the floor plan and height, which was discussed in the previous post. The main phases include the presentation of perspectives on the inside and outside fields.

* 3D Interior

Presentation Fields in 3D include natural panoramas of the interior of the house in certain parts. It is for the client to see and feel how the house wants to look like, and if the space wants to work according to their preferences, it can also act like an attachment to the floor plan if the client needs some verification about how a particular space in the house would look like.

* 3D outside fields

Presentation Outside the 3D field includes a total panoramic view of the outside of the house, including the background for practicing the area where the real house is about to be formed. It can also play a role as a media for clients to see what kind of house it is and provide opportunities for clients to tell architects whether they want to replace some parts or parts before the construction begins.

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