FRUGAL LIVING – Now that Christmas has come, it’s time to think about makeup, especially the theme. This year, we recommend that you put aside the mix of traditional styles and work on blue and white/silver schemes. A mixture of classic blue and white hues is a big hit throughout the holidays. It radiates, the atmosphere is calm and relaxed in the cold.

I like blue with all of its features, it’s soothing and beautiful. Blue is one of the very natural shades of the cold season and is very famous for makeup. Today we’ve gathered some cool inspirations in blue and silver make-up for a winter vacation. Take blue and silver ornaments and decorate plants, doors, stairs, or put in a bowl to make a perfect decoration.

Blue paraffin wants to look harmonious in place of silver paraffin; spray regular plant branches with silver paint and add a blue ornament – that would be a perfect make-up for your front door or stairs. Enjoy stylish ideas at the bottom and find inspiration for your perfect silver and blue makeup!

Although I like natural trees, some of me believe that they belong outside the home, not cut from the roots to death, and festooned decorated for our entertainment. This is not to underestimate fans of natural Christmas plants, because most are raised in a prolonged manner, and although traditional, it seems strange for me to kill plants for Christmas.

One inspiration that I like, is that plants can be reused, which can be easily installed and enjoyed year after year. Obviously living in your garden fits this bill, if you’re lucky, but the majority of us don’t, and not only that, we might want one in the room anyway.

I love the aluminum Christmas plants, which first started in the late 1950s and were popularized in the 1960s. My grandparents had one when I was little, and they use it again every year. It is a silver Christmas plant, but trees also exist in many other features such as red, blue, etc.

They are also cheap because you don’t need to buy new ones every year, and are naturally expensive, especially in rural New England not to mention the big cities where they might have been transported long distances. Without water, there are no thorns to take on a regular basis, nothing is thrown away after the holidays, and limited if there are settings and you have a winner for many people!


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