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FRUGAL LIVING – At one time or another, all people dream of having a hundred-year-old farmhouse with large shipyard walls and porches. The nostalgia and comfort triggered by the makeup of the farmhouse are almost generally attractive. Not surprisingly, it has grown in popularity in recent years, as well as neutral motives and the inclusion of rustic antiques making it easy to live in style.

One key to producing the perfect farmhouse family room is creating the right furniture. Relaxing and safe chairs, aggressive wooden barn coffee tables, and natural makeup elements that symbolize the look. Because buying a set of new furniture can be outside your budget, using organic cotton or linen sarong, some French-inspired pillows, and the discovery of a remnant store can be very helpful in changing the look of your living room.

But moreover, if you are currently living in an urban apartment, you can still produce the feel of a safe country house in your own home by incorporating rustic antiques and a simple palette of patterns. If you want to enhance the charm of your home country, the 86 makeup examples at the bottom have duplicate design features that are easy for your own living room.

Here we also discuss decorating the dining room and kitchen of your farmhouse with window curtains. For this one, we want to give you some instant guidance on how to make your beautiful living room, bathroom, and bedroom of your farmhouse.

For every corner of your house that looks rural, you can always do something to improve it and make it meet the universal motifs and designs of all places. And with the encouragement of window blinds and other furniture and other furniture, you can certainly reach your goals. So, keep reading to pursue more instant guidance on how to replace your house or share your passion more like a farmhouse.

Family room

If your farmhouse’s living room has wooden floors, the walls are pale white or light brown, and most of the furniture is reddish-patterned furniture, so you can use woven bamboo blinds or Roman oak-patterned blinds. Through this method, you steer clear of the possibility of making cubicles and windows appear monochromatic.

Meanwhile, if you have designed your nest with gray and dark motifs, you can check the white curtains that are there to introduce brightness to a tone that is somehow black. Another method to strengthen the rural feel of your home is to install the most important bamboo rollers if your room is painted white and your furniture has natural wood texture, and the furniture has a brown pattern.


If you want to bring more sophistication to the all-white bathroom in your farmhouse while maintaining its rural atmosphere, a selection of the existing striped Roman curtains.

And if your bathroom features are clear or aqua, look for Roman curtains in a fine print or pattern, and in your motif pattern that is almost the same to protect its calm. However, the bathroom is thought to be a “worry” place for “me” time. On the other hand, if your bathroom equipment is white and the walls are yellow or brownish and the window boundaries are made of wood, you can think of bamboo curtains or roller weaving to balance the motif.

The bedroom

For your individual resting place, you can sort to close your eyes from the top to the bottom in pastel motifs to increase life in your all-white design. This helps produce a refreshing atmosphere as well as the country.

Meanwhile, if your room has a cream-colored tile and a brown-patterned tile floor, you can instill a feminine touch on it by coloring the edges of your window with a white pattern and installing Roman curtains with a pink pattern on it.

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