Beautiful Diy Garden Ball Decor Ideas


Garden play at home can not only make a child’s mood better, but also can increase creativity and train children’s motor skills. You can also watch while watching the development of your child’s growth directly. There is no need for a very large yard to make a playground fun. All you need to do is make the playground according to your interests, age and children’s preferences, one example is a ball garden.


The beauty of DIY garden balls is to reflect your style and personality. The simplest design is to attach gems or money from a glass to an existing ball. You can find glass gems in dollar stores, so this is a cheap and fun project to try at any time. Garden balls are a fun and beautiful way to give colors, textures and flowers to your flower beds.

Beautiful examples include shells and glass blends and metal objects found. This is a neat way to display collections that have collected dust in your home. If you really want your garden ball to stand out, try lighting the inside so you can enjoy it at night and during the day.


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