Best DIY Halloween Decorations Ideas

FRUGAL LIVING – The Halloween day that falls right at the end of October is one of the events and activities that some people look forward to. It can be seen in some parts of the world celebrating this day quite lively. From using costumes, preparing candy to decorate the house was carried out unmitigated. The more frightening costumes and decorations will certainly attract attention and surprise others. One of the most important things is to decorate the house from the outside to the inside.

People who celebrate this party even make or rent special costumes, ranging from funny to creepy, and wearing them when gathering together.

There are some people who might have fun when Halloween starts. So, what are your plans for this scary opportunity? Have you decided to wear clothes with a certain theme? Have you bought certain decorations or have you made some of your own home items? Below is the Best Diy Halloween Decorations Ideas that can be fun to practice.

Here are some interesting facts about Halloween:

  1. Trick or treat comes from medieval times where poor people wear costumes and go to every house during Halloween to ask for food and money in exchange for prayer. The food given is called Soul Cake. The shape of a small cake is associated as a spirit that is released from purification when the cake is eaten.
  2. Orange and black are identical to Halloween, because orange is associated with harvest season and black is associated with darkness and death.
  3. Halloween traditions are brought to North America by immigrants from Europe who celebrate harvests around campfires, tell ghost stories, sing, dance, and fortune telling.
  4. The tradition of “doing people” when Halloween began in the 1930s and this began to replace jokes for children who came to each house collecting sweets.
  5. The original Halloween is a holiday for the Celtic tribe which is celebrated on October 31.
  6. If you see a spider at night, it could be the spirit of a dead person watching you.
  7. Owls are a popular image for Halloween. In Europe, an owl is considered a witch and hearing the sound of an owl means someone will die.
  8. Halloween is also known by other names such as Samhain, All Hallowtide, the day of death, and the feast of the dead.

What Halloween cares about:

  • Door Decoration
    Before your guests enter your house, start to decorate your door. Add fake spider webs, skeletons or bats. You can even add tense music to attract the attention of your guests.
  • Pumpkins
    Halloween will not be complete without pumpkin decorations. Known as Jack O ’Lanterns, this long tradition is believed to have originated from Ireland. Carving pumpkins is not easy, use your time and make sure you have a sharp knife to carve. You can carve any shape you want like a cat, a scary face, even your favorite superhero. Light the candle in it and place the pumpkin in a dark corner in your house or at the door.
  • Costume
    Make sure all your guests feel the spirit to celebrate Halloween. You can prepare other Halloween costumes and equipment in one box so that your guests can capture this moment with their cellphones. You can add any accessories that you like such as witch hats, glasses or pirate hands. If you feel really creative, you can put the items in a coffin box to add a creepy impression.
  • Creepy Food and Drink.
    To complete the decor, it will be more fun if you provide food and drinks with creepy decorations. Make a drink with additional fake eyeballs in it. For food, you can make a cupcake with toppings that resemble fangs, cobwebs, or brains. Other options, you can form sandwiches into bats or ghosts.
  • Don’t Forget Lighting
    Turn on the creepy music and take advantage of the lighting you have. You can replace your light bulb in green and orange, or just dim the lighting you have. Don’t forget to show off the pumpkin that you have carved!
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