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5 Fun DIY Fall Decorations for the House

FRUGAL LIVING – It truly is that time of calendar year once again! As the summertime attracts to a close and shorts, tank tops and flip-flops are retired for that season, the amazing, crisp air can only mean one thing: autumn is around the corner. Add some warmth and spice to your own home by capturing the texture… Read More »

How to Paint Rocks

FRUGAL LIVING – What a clever idea, painting on rocks! We’ve got all viewed cute very little rock animals or gorgeous works of artwork on boulders. The question is, how can most of us learn the strategies required to paint on rocks? Initial it is best to foundation-coat or below-paint the rock. Base-coat is implementing white or any… Read More »

How to Create Rock Paintings

FRUGAL LIVING – Painting rocks, stones, and pebbles may perhaps seem similar to a new craze but it is not. The earliest paintings ever created by man were done on the stone partitions of caves. Flat stones like cave walls provide terrific portray surfaces. A portion of the craft is to discover within the rock’s condition a suggestion… Read More »

Craft Show Ideas – Stone Cold Profits

FRUGAL LIVING – I will deliver you some ways to capitalize on the stones as well as other hardened content like stones (glass, beads), after which you can take it and run with it from there. The great thing about this sort of craft is you could locate the stones you would like inexpensively – and you may… Read More »