How to Paint Rocks

FRUGAL LIVING – What a clever idea, painting on rocks! We’ve got all viewed cute very little rock animals or gorgeous works of artwork on boulders. The question is, how can most of us learn the strategies required to paint on rocks?

Initial it is best to foundation-coat or below-paint the rock. Base-coat is implementing white or any color for the bare cleanse rock. This is completed for a handful of reasons. The base serves because of the canvas. The base paint will adhere to the little cracks and crevices from the rock and make your portray area more workable. The second purpose is so that you have a thoroughly clean brilliant surface area and the colors will likely be far more lively and vivid.

Now the art requirements a strategy. You ought to work out a style for the rock. Attractor sketch in The essential form of the design. You should visualize this accurately how you should tactic art on paper or perhaps a canvas. When the undercoat is a dim color, you can sketch with a white pencil.

Below are a few exciting Tips for pet rocks:

Glue other very small rocks for ft, ears, noses, and heads to one another for rock more info critters.

Glue some felt to the base of the rock should be to be on Screen in a house. Men and women will value which the art will not likely scratch the desk or table.

Test gluing a few of Those people puffy, wiggle eyes for any fun seem.
Glue a pom-pom puff on for a tail.


If you find yourself finished Along with the portray and just before introducing unpainted accents, Be sure that you employ a transparent varnish to spray coat the concluded piece. This is especially critical if the rock is an outside operate of artwork.

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