Simple And Beautiful Fairy Garden Ideas For Kids

FRUGAL LIVING – Creative play gets a natural start with saved materials and botany in the fairy garden. These beautiful fairy garden cottages can be a focal point for miniature landscapes adorned with released corks and other used items. Considering the variety of raw materials, children (or parent) can create all kinds of food, such as fairies sleeping in mossy forest beds.

Collect a variety of natural and artificial ingredients, try not to be too literal about shape and composition. Twigs, wood knots, moss, stones, dry botanic (bought or eaten), and metal, glass, or waste and plastic ends can be used for furniture or small features. Although it might be impossible for anyone to prove it, fairies must definitely need to take a nap now and then. Filed metal labels into heads and feet on small beds.

Make a fairy for your small garden using a combination of items purchased and found, such as those done by young artists here. Materials include skeleton leaves, old earrings, sola wood flowers, whitened bakuli pods, sugar cane cones. Stick with low temperature glue or with a quick dry adhesive.

There is no rule that miniature landscapes must have fairies in them, and many gardeners prefer to make landscapes smaller than their actual size, landscapes of the original size.


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