Gorgeous and Rustic Wood Projects Ideas for Your Kitchen Design

Gorgeous and Rustic Wood Projects Ideas for Your Kitchen Design

Wood is a very versatile material. Can be used to design your home kitchen. Using recycled wood in a DIY home project is a simple and easy mix because it is a green attitude to protect energy sources and is a cool and simple method for fixing your home. People often compare good woodworking with furniture and cabinets, but there are many types of woodworking projects that can be formed.

Each free woodworking plan package not only wants to show off your abilities like a wood worker but is also useful in the kitchen. Whether it’s for getting rustic charm or organizing space or getting more storage space, using a recycled wood project in the kitchen is a good option.

The best thing about a wood project is that wood is very cheap and easily found free. Not only that, making a recycled wood project does not require you to be an expert in the field because it is very easy to try, provided you have cool inspiration. Here, we’ve collected some of the recycled wooden kitchen projects to help you get inspired. I hope you create project inspiration that disturbs your attention, see them, enjoy:


1. Build a pallet spice rack for your spice jars storage:

pallet spice rack

Tutorial: instructables.com


2. Install a rolling pin on kitchen island for towel storage:

rolling pin on kitchen island for towel storage

Tutorial: olivebites.blogspot.com

3. Wood stove top board will create a clean look in your kitchen and still has its function:

wood stove top board

Image source : pinterest.com


4. Build a mug and glass holder with wooden pallets:

mug and glass holder with wooden pallets

Source: wanelo.co


5. Create a Rack for The Storage of Fresh Veggies and Fruits:

create a Rack for The Storage of Fresh Veggies and Fruits

Source: clancarpentry.com


6. Take use of a few pieces of wood to build a rack behind the cabinet door for cutting boards storage:

rack behind the cabinet door

Tutorial: familyhandyman.com


7. Old door on the ceiling with two hanging lights:

old door on the ceiling

Image source : pinterest.com


8. Do a cabinet makeover with molding and a new stain:

cabinet makeover with molding

Image source : pinterest.com


9. Recycled barn wood to make a cast iron wall:

cast iron wall

Image source : pinterest.com


10. Add floating wooden shelves to the side of the fridge cabinet:

floating wooden shelves

Source: thechroniclesofhome.com


2. Make a upcycled wooden shutters for the kitchen:

upcycled kitchen wooden shutters

Tutorial: vintagenewsjunkie.com


12. Build a kitchen counter or island with built-in seat:

kitchen counter or island with built-in seat

Source: pinterest.com


13. IKEA spice racks bolted onto the side of cabinets:

IKEA spice racks bolted onto the side of cabinets

Source: saltbushavenue.com


14. Use an old wooden crate to storage cutting boards or other kitchen items:

old wooden crate to storage cutting boards

Image source : pinterest.com


15. Turn a junk drawers into a clean space by inserting into a removable wooden drawer divider:

inserting into a removable wooden drawer divider

Tutorial: sawdustsisters.com


16. Create a wood kitchen island table painted with an antique white:

wood kitchen island table

Tutorial: krusesworkshop.blogspot.co.uk


17. Expand your kitchen cabinets to ceiling with crown moulding:

kitchen cabinets to ceiling with crown moulding

Tutorial: savedbylovecreations.com


18. Clear your countertop clutter by building a DIY kitchen backsplash shelf:

DIY kitchen backsplash shelf

Tutorial : hertoolbelt.com


19. Light up one of your kitchen corner with this shadow box cafe sign project:

shadow box cafe sign

Tutorial: abeautifulmess.com

Best Kitchen Design Ideas

Best Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen can be a space that is very often used in your home, so you want to make it a room that you enjoy doing for Kitchen Design. And not only from the equipment that plays a role, the design of the kitchen you want to enjoy over the coming years is very meaningful.

The kitchen has changed a lot over the past few decades and the planning for remodeling your kitchen is very meaningful. Technological advances and changing social dynamics have contributed greatly to the rise of modern kitchens. There is a much greater focus on the open concept house that turns around near the kitchen so that everyone can be together. As with modern design trends, clean and simple style, it has become a favorite for homeowners with natural light to be a meaningful aspect of the totality of appearance and use of kitchen space.

We all know that love makes a strong family fabric. But sometimes it’s hard to show love. But you know how to make love appear. Mother and kitchen want to show that love can be found on a plate. The aroma of toast in the morning can show the deep love that a mother has for a family. Not only that, delicious fried chicken would like to show how families must share laughter while enjoying love on a plate.

Therefore, to produce a safe kitchen design is a must. We can ignore the beauty of the room and make it normal. But the kitchen must find more attention. We can highlight charming furniture to share comfort.

Not only that, we can practice soft or bold patterns to produce a prominent impression in our kitchen. And we can always mix it all together to make the kitchen a small paradise at home. Let’s check the following ideas.


Finish With Some Drama

Image Source homepolish.com

Yes, it is true. Drama should be there in all rooms in our house especially the kitchen. There are many ways to create dramatic effect for our kitchen. To give the kitchen design a drama, we have to know what we want to experience in our kitchen. For instance, we can place a small bench with a comfortable cushion on the corner of our kitchen just to deliver romance and drama in that space. Or, we can place a wooden basket on the kitchen island so we can place fruits in a more inviting way.


Hues of blue

Image Source housebeautiful.com

After the furniture, we need to be sure that the hues of kitchen color will result the most convenient place at home. The hues of kitchen paint can be varied. There is no rule for applying brown or white for a kitchen. The hues of orange and even red are possible for our kitchen as long as we mix it well with all of the components in our kitchen space. And we should really try hues of blue for our kitchen design. There are various styles that we can do with blue color. For instance, we can try marine design with the hues of blue. Adding some nautical ornaments will make the kitchen more stunning and unique at the same time.


Bold, vibrant colour schemes

Image Source housebeautiful.com

What makes a kitchen design standout is the perfect color choice. Therefore, there will be countless and unlimited color schemes for a kitchen. When people want to deliver a soft atmosphere, pastel colors like baby blue and white will be a perfect choice. Bold, vibrant colour scheme will look wonderful for contemporary kitchen. Vibrant color never fails to make a kitchen more inviting. Even, some vibrant color such as orange is useful for improving appetite.


Island Paradise

Image Source www.hgtv.com

Kitchen island is the important element for creating a functional kitchen. Some people ignore using kitchen island for it is assumed that the furniture requires a large space. That is quite true since we can actually pick a small island for a tiny kitchen space. The best idea is to create tidy and unique kitchen with the right island. Island Paradise will show us the selections of high-quality island for our kitchen.


Traditional Kitchen Island

Image Source www.hgtv.com

Of so many designs of kitchen, the traditional kitchen design is one of the best choices. This is so because the essence of a kitchen is a serving venue. Moms serve the foods and family will share the affection. Traditional kitchen explores the element of woods and vintage ornaments. The designs are functional stunning in a simple way.


White Out

Image Source homepolish.com

When it is for a classic look, white is the best option. However, to use white color requires some smart efforts for making it standout. It will be boring to only apply white for the kitchen. White will be more elegant as we mix it with natural brown colors. If we want to give a little touch of glamorous look, adding some gold or silver is a brilliant idea. And white and green will deliver fresh look which will improve kitchen appeal in no time.


Goodbye Granite?

Image Source homepolish.com

Goodbye Granite, there are various other countertop selections for our beautiful kitchen. After picking the right color, we have to pick the best kitchen countertop. Marbles can be the king but we will love temper glass or ceramics. These two options are cheaper and easy to install. Besides, solid wood will be a great alternative for exposing natural element in our kitchen furniture.


Embrace the Dark Side

Image Source homepolish.com

However, some people worry about some dark spots in a kitchen. There are usually several corners that will be for dirty dishes or garbage. Some drawers and kitchen bench storage will be the dark side in a kitchen that can ruin the outfit of a stylish kitchen. But we can always apply some ideas to embrace the dark side. One thing that we can do is to install good lighting for every dark corner. Even, we can now use led light fixtures for the inner side of drawers or cabinets.


The rise of the smart kitchen (all at the push of a button)

Image Source housebeautiful.com

Whether it is with beautiful design or a simple one, kitchen is most stunning when it is functional. Therefore, it is essential that we create a better kitchen with efficient functions. For instance, we can use high-quality dishwasher. In addition, it will be better to also use garbage disposal system for keeping the cleanliness. Sometimes, the smart kitchen also includes integrated white goods and useful cabinets with handle-free designs. Drawers with multiple storage systems should be integrated for creating a tidy kitchen. The organizers will make the kitchen more inviting. The smart kitchen design can also include music for providing better entertainments in the kitchen.


Hardworking islands

Image Source housebeautiful.com

Getting to kitchen furniture, hardworking islands are the essential elements. Kitchen cabinets and dining table are important for storing the kitchen utensils and dining ware. But it is also essential to get prepared with a facility for serving the foods as well as placing the serving plates. Hardworking islands are designed for providing functionalities through styles.


Warm neutrals and gold accents

Image Source housebeautiful.com

Of so many styles and impressions of kitchen design, warmth is the most favorite tone that people want to experience in the kitchen. The easiest way to deliver the warmth is through the nature elements such as woods, stones, and metal. Therefore, it is so beautiful to have warm neutrals and gold accents to create a superb kitchen ambiance. To make it perfect, we need to apply the gold accents in the right portion. It is recommended that we do not overdo it. Make the warm neutrals and gold colors blend well through the humble furniture and kitchen hues of warmth.


The industrial look develops with heavy metal and concrete effects

Image Source housebeautiful.com

There are countless styles to apply for decorating a kitchen. People can use their imagination to create the perfect impressions for the important room. Industrial look is also possible. It is always beautiful to be just spontaneous when it is for interior design. Industrial look brings spontaneous concept into a super comfortable ambiance. It explores raw materials, unique lighting fixtures, heavy metal, and of course concrete. The look might be casual but the atmosphere is so warm for a kitchen.

The best kitchen design can not be determined by the payment of furniture and makeup. It is based on the composition, counterweight, and harmony that is applied by people through the furniture, color patterns, and of course style. Therefore, it means for us to decide on a theme before designing.

We must believe that the kitchen island matches the concept. We need to sort the table to produce an excellent beauty from kitchen furniture. Not only that, the hue also seems to mean. As well as the conclusion, a beautiful kitchen must be equipped with smart kitchen technology. thanks.


40 Super Comfortable Ergonomic Kitchen Decor with Easy Systems

40 Super Comfortable Ergonomic Kitchen Decor with Easy Systems

The kitchen not only provides functionality but also comfort. Ergonomic kitchen inspiration is thus a brilliant concept to apply. Safe kitchens want to share the best management and smart kitchen decor features.

People can start from an effective organization. Good storage and furniture design would be the key to an ergonomic kitchen. Not only that, kitchen supplies must share comfort so that people can spend their time in the kitchen easily. Do not want to tire for cooking in the smart kitchen.

There are various ergonomic kitchen features that we must build to design smart kitchens. The initial subject that must be experienced is to sort out the best storage. After that, we need to sort out the shape and the right furniture system.

Corner cabinets, smart dishwashers, and other automatic features When we end up with furniture, we can move to the floor design.

After that, we need to justify that the lighting equipment matches the kitchen clothes. Ergonomic lighting wants to play the best role in the flip over cabinet.


Ergonomic Kitchen in Storage Use

Storage is a top priority because the main use in providing cleanliness, efficiency and ergonomic kitchen functionality. We can use a cabinet with a very good storage to protect kitchen equipment always comfortable. Not only that, we can use a storage bench to be able to provide multiple uses.

We can use it for seating and put large kitchen utensils. Not only that, we need to use smart storage that wants to protect kitchen cleanliness. Storage zone must be centered. This wants to produce more effective use because we design storage in one zone. Don’t forget to make a simple storage for some items that are broken down so that we can easily create any features.

Image Source: firsthomelovelife.com


Image Source: townnews.com


Image Source: onekingslane.com


Use Cabinet for Drawers, Not Doors
To maximize the space in our small kitchen, we have to use drawers instead of cabinet with doors. Besides saving spaces, drawers are more efficient since we do not have to look into the cabinets since the drawers will come to us.

In cabinet without drawers, the organization will be complicated. Meanwhile, smaller drawers will be able to storage a more detail stuff. We can divide small tools and store them neatly inside the drawers.

Image Source ministore.me


Image Source bigscarykitchen.com


Image Source beautyandtheminibeasts.com


Image Source Ewelina Wojnar


Image Source micasarevista.com


Add A Sprung Floor And Some Comfort
Kitchen floor gets easily dirty due to oil pills and water. Therefore, for creating ergonomic kitchen, we need to make sure that we make the kitchen flooring safe and comfortable. We can add a sprung floor and some comfortable cover for giving our feet easy movement. It will be a little troublesome to have good quality cabinet but a poorly managed flooring. We need to also use anti-slip mat to make it more convenient.

Image Source: houzz.com.au


Ergonomics Lighting for the Kitchen
Lighting comes next after a good flooring. The lighting fixture should be stylish but we have to be more concerned to the functions. The lighting should be proper for an evening cooking times. Also, we have to use good ventilation and windows to let a natural sun light to enter our kitchen. Pendant lighting is excellent if we have a kitchen nook. Also, we need to use LED strip light for kitchen cabinets. The additional lighting for the storage cabinet is crucial for the best efficiency.

Image Source: homesthetics.net


Image Source: houzz.com.au


“Flip” Over Cabinets

Instead of ordinary doors, sliding doors are better. Alternately, we can use “Flip” Over Cabinets for saving the space. The functionalities will be improved as we can use the storage with a more efficient flip over system. We can also give a touch of uniqueness behind the functional flip over cabinets.

Image Source: kitchendesignconcepts.com


Image Source: hgtv.com


Clever Solutions for Tricky Corner Cabinets
Corner parts can be tricky if we do not use a smart design for it. Our cabinet will lose its chance to create ergonomic function as we do not use the right system for the corner. We can easily double its function using v-shaped drawers to give the drawers easy movement. Additionally, we can use doors with different direction to avoid bad cabinet uses.

Image Source: houzz.com.au


Dishwasher on Ergonomic Kitchen
Dishwashes plays an essential role on an ergonomic kitchen. We need to make sure that we place the machine on the right position for an easy operation. Besides, we have to choose semi-automated dishwasher for saving our time. Besides dishwasher, we also need to use garbage disposal units to manage the food wastes. The machines will improve the hygiene and remove bad smells from our ergonomic kitchen.

Image Source: thekitchenshowcase.com


Image Source: ninamaydesigns.com


Image Source: starcraftcustombuilders.com


Give Floors Some “Bounce”
The wrong flooring types will make our kitchen too cold. Therefore, we need to add some bounce to it. We can use the simplest underlay so we can protect the surface of our kitchen flooring. And adding a carpet is not a bad idea. Most of the time, we feel worried of making the carpet easily gets dirty. But kitchen does need a bounce on its flooring. At least, we can use a long mat to cover the area where we usually stand up for cooking or washing the vegies.

Image Source: hgtv.com


Image Source: pinterest.com/angiespostcards


Image Source: bhg.com


Image Source: pinterest.com/ete21


Oven on Ergonomic Kitchen
The main idea of building an ergonomic kitchen is to create a kitchen with precise size, position, and functions. We need to be sure that the length and space that we use for the furniture will not disturb our standing posture. Therefore, when we are about to place an over on ergonomic kitchen, we need to measure the position. Also, we need to pick the unit with excellent door movement. It is important to have anything functional and efficient. Therefore, the quality of over is to select properly for creating a flawless ergonomic kitchen.

Image Source: ajmadison.com


Image Source: pinterest.com/zillow


Image Source: pinterest.com/dlg0tnf0


Image Source: houzz.com


Ergonomic Italian Kitchen Design Suitable For Wheelchair Users
A good and comfortable kitchen should be able to accommodate the needs of the homeowners. Therefore, it will be important that we design the space to accommodate wheelchair. First of all, the flooring design should not have stairs. Even we have to avoid building flooring with one level up. Besides, the kitchen countertops should be measured to follow the height of wheelchairs. All of cabinets and even the stoves positions should be reachable from wheelchair users’ positions.

Image Source: idesignarch.com


Image Source: idesignarch.com


Image Source: idesignarch.com


Image Source: idesignarch.com


Image Source: idesignarch.com


Image Source: idesignarch.com


Image Source: idesignarch.com


Image Source: idesignarch.com


Image Source: idesignarch.com

Ergonomic kitchens must connect the human body and objects in the kitchen.

The space we use to work in the kitchen must be measured properly so that we can maximize our movements. Furniture, kitchen storage systems, all positions and electronic features must be managed properly.

Not only that, we must play what is also just in the right position so that our kitchen does not want to jeopardize the state of our health in totality.



25 Amazing Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas And Makeover

25 Amazing Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas And Makeover

When you are a fan of design, there is nothing more exciting than creating the right Christmas make-up to get a holiday spirit. Fascinating ornaments, lively wreaths, beautiful tinsel makeup, exquisite Christmas lights – the list goes on and on. But while you might end up focusing on increasing your entrance, living room, and especially your dining room for your big celebration, there is one zone that you might be ignoring: the kitchen.

This is a very beautiful time this year. It’s time to produce dusty boxes of Christmas makeup from the attic and start work decorating the hall and increasing festive details to every corner of your house. Your plants have been pruned and Christmas lights outside installed, but when the time comes to cover the holiday makeup, don’t remember the kitchen.

Surely, this is a very useful room in your home, but it is also the heart of your home and you want to spend a lot of time there, cooking and making friends with loved ones. So don’t hesitate to pile up the Christmas spirit!

This year, reconsider by sharing your heart with a decent home for the holidays. From preparing dinner with your family to spending holiday cakes in the oven, there’s no denying that the kitchen is a space with huge traffic of all time.

When designing your vacation make-up, remember that you could be willing to protect your Christmas kitchen make-up always the best. Brilliant ideas come along with Inspirational Unique Kitchen Make Up for Christmas, which can be considered far from beautiful words can be changed into something charming. Observe the pictures posted to decide which is best for you.


image source : pinterest.com


image source : pinterest.com


image source : pinterest.com


image source : pinterest.com


image source : pinterest.com


65 Beautiful Painted Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

65 Beautiful Painted Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

The time-proven procedures for sharing a clean look on a cupboard have been updated with freshly painted paint that makes your job easier. When you equate minimal paint payments and materials with a very large fee from a new kitchen cabinet, coloring your cabinets is a clear winner.

However, just before launching the initial one into this project, always calm yourself down by remembering that this project is more than just one day’s quick work. Every item in your kitchen cabinet must be removed and placed comfortably. Doors and drawers need to be removed. Every surface that you want to paint requires even cleaning. Selection of one of two directions when coloring kitchen cabinets: using materials that are assembled separately or working with an all-in-one surface kit made specifically for cabinets.

If you pay attention to the cost of new equipment, tables and cabinets, it’s no surprise that renovating a kitchen is one of the most expensive renovation projects. While some homeowners created a method to improve the look of tired or granite old fridges, replacing the kitchen with a refreshing cupboard that made most of the visual space of the room entirely accessible. But there is more work than buying a gallon of your favorite style.

If you want to share a facelift in your kitchen, coloring kitchen cabinets can be a quick and inexpensive option. This fairly easy DIY project can raise the color of any kitchen and update any cupboards of all ages or circumstances.

Painted kitchen cabinets can seem very simple on Pinterest – imagine, only a few layers of new patterns and your kitchen will be beautified in no time!


image source : pinterest.com


image source : pinterest.com


image source : pinterest.com


image source : pinterest.com


image source : pinterest.com


image source : pinterest.com


image source : pinterest.com


image source : pinterest.com


image source : pinterest.com


image source : pinterest.com


42 Amazing Garden Structure Design Ideas

42 Amazing Garden Structure Design Ideas

Page structure can enhance your landscape by enhancing personality and style. Check out our plans and inspiring page structure to create your own backyard gardenland that reflects your character.

Improving the structure of the yard into the garden You not only improve the page itself but make your page a beautiful place to be enjoyed with family and friends.

The majority of people think about gardens and gardening, they think about plants. However, there are many other things that need to be considered when creating pages, especially ornamental pages.

The structure and placement on the page is one of the issues that need to be considered. The structure of the yard is one component that changes the page into an outdoor living space that can be enjoyed throughout the years that want to arrive.

Although space restrictions can block what structures you can actually add to your page, many structures can be adjusted to fit the page in any dimension.

Structures can serve a variety of purposes in your garden from producing a designated outdoor living space, to acting as a gate from one zone of a yard to another, or acting as a support for plants.

It can be difficult to create the right mix of page structures that not only share shade, storage, and protection but also enhance your landscape.

Fortunately, there are some extraordinary options that can quickly resolve this dilemma and replace your backyard into an extraordinary outdoor living space that you want to enjoy.




Image Source: flickr.com


Image Source: robertdyas-static.co.uk


Image Source: gardensite.co.uk


Gazebos allow you to create a covered area away from your home. They can be small or large, plain or elaborate, but all of them allow you to do more with your garden area. In essence, a gazebo is nothing more than a roof with multiple supports (usually eight).

You’ll find quite a few premade options on the market, many of which combine a fabric or plasticised roof with metal uprights for support (and an underlying metal frame for the roof). Other options are much more elaborate, and are made from wood with shingled roofs. Most gazebos are octagonal in shape, as well.

Many of the more expensive options include a raised floor of wood, but this isn’t true for all of your options. Some of the simpler gazebo styles use your lawn as the floor. Because of that, you might want to use caution when erecting a gazebo. Will you use it enough that the soil becomes compacted and the grass dies? It may be a better option to install a gazebo with a brick or stone floor, or build one with a raised wooden floor.

Using a gazebo allows you to do anything you might like outside in the garden, without worries about the heat of direct sunlight or the threat of rain. They’re ideal for cooking out, but you can also add chairs to create an outdoor seating area. If you have a solid wood or metal structure above, supporting the roof, you can even hang a swing where you can relax with friends, family or just on your own.

When considering these garden structure ideas, you’ll need to think about the size of your yard, as this will impact the size of the gazebo. A large gazebo in a small open space will dwarf the yard, while a small gazebo in a large open area will be overwhelmed. Of course, your budget is also a consideration. The good news is that there’s an option available for just about any budget.


Garden Pods

Image Source: ultimategardenpods.co.uk


Image Source: diygarden.co.uk


If you’re not familiar with garden pods, you can be forgiven. They’re a relatively new development in the world of garden structure ideas, and they come in a dazzling range of styles and designs. Essentially, a garden pod is an enclosed or semi-enclosed “room” that sits in your garden area, on a patio or next to a pergola or gazebo. They can be many different shapes and sizes, from small cubes to large rectangles. There are even spherical garden pods available for those who want a touch of the unusual.

Pods can provide posh seating for a small group, complete with plush seats and a table, or they can provide almost all the benefits of a full home. More expensive pods may have closing doors and windows, a sealed roof, and four full walls. Depending on where you source your pod, you can have it outfitted with built-in features like desks, corner windows, lighting and more.

As a note, these garden structure ideas can be very expensive, costing tens of thousands of pounds in some cases, so they’re definitely not for everyone. If your budget can’t take that sort of hit, but you still want at least a semi-private area in your garden, consider a curtained pergola instead.



Image Source: bylerbarns.com


Image Source: stevenwardhair.com


It can be easy to confuse pergolas with gazebos, even though they’re not all that similar. Where a gazebo is usually octagonal or round, a pergola is generally rectangular or square. Where a gazebo has a solid, domed roof, pergolas generally have a flat, open or latticed roof (ideal for covering with vining plants). Where gazebos generally have eight upright supports, pergolas usually have four, although this is not a firm rule.

Pergolas are sometimes less formal than gazebos, but that’s also just a generalisation. You can add any number of elements to these garden structures to create the atmosphere and environment that you want, ranging from stone surrounds on the uprights to outdoor curtains to provide shade and a sense of seclusion.

If you’re interested in adding a pergola to your garden, you’ll first want to think about the size you’ll need. These structures can be small or large, and can host groups ranging from small family gatherings to larger events, although they are not as spacious as pavilions (which are ideal for large outdoor events). As with gazebos, the size of your outdoor space will influence the size of the pergola.

You’ll also want to consider construction materials. Is wood the right choice? Would a mix of wood and stone or wood, stone and metal better reflect your overall sense of aesthetics? Your usage needs will also play a role. Do you want to build a pergola over an outdoor kitchen? If so, you’ll need room not only for food prep and cooking, but also for seating and eating.



Image Source: flickr.com


Image Source: bhg.com


Image Source: pinterest.com/babble


An arbor is an open structure often built under trees. They are created to provide an enjoyable and shaded seating in nice weather. It can also be used as a divider in the garden or as a garden entrance. It may be free-standing or attached to another building or structure in the garden. It is often covered with vines.



Image Source: woohome.com


Image Source: prettyhandygirl.com


A patio is an outdoor living area typically attached to the home. The word patio is of Spanish origin and means, backyard or back garden.


Lovely Lattice Garden Structure

Image Source: bhg.com


A swing surrounded by a lattice arbor says “summer relaxation” like nothing else. The airy structure visually anchors the deck. Lattice on top of an outdoor garden structure provides a great place to hang baskets of shade-loving plants, such as the ferns shown here.



Image Source: bylerbarns.com


Image Source: wellsgreenhouses.ca


Image Source: shopify.com


There’s no denying the utility of greenhouses, but they can also be beautiful additions to your yard, depending on the style and design that you choose. Of course, a greenhouse is about more than just adding visual appeal to your outdoor space. It will allow you to extend your growing season considerably, possibly even through the winter depending on your climate, and whether you invest in heating for your plants during the coldest parts of the year.

Greenhouses can range from small to massive, and can be cobbled together from scrap materials and built on your own, or can be purchased in kit form, or constructed by a professional. Perhaps the simplest option is a greenhouse made from PVC piping and plastic sheeting. This is also the most affordable, although probably the least aesthetically pleasing.

In addition to the overall design and materials used to construct the greenhouse, you’ll need to consider the interior. Will you be planting directly in the ground? Will you be using tables and containers? What about lighting and ventilation? Will you want heat during the winter to help you grow year-round? These are just a few of the questions you’ll need to answer before investing in a greenhouse, but no matter what you decide, these can be outstanding garden structure ideas.



Image Source: diygarden.co.uk


Image Source: forestgarden.co.uk


If you’re looking for garden structure ideas, let me recommend the use of arches. They can be large or small, bold or subdued, wood or metal (and other materials). They can be used in many different ways within your garden, as well.

An arch makes an excellent addition to the entryway to your garden, particularly if you have a more formal garden. However, they can also be used in less formal situations. Combine an arch with hedgerows or willow fencing for an elegant design, or go with wrought iron and climbing vines for something with a Victorian-esque feel.

You can even go international if you like. You can buy (or build) arches that reflect Asian themes, or that connect to the UK’s history and heritage. Add climbing and flowering vines to your arch in order to get a more natural feel, or leave it freestanding if you prefer.

You’re also not limited to the conventional “arched” shape, either. You’ll find rectangular designs in archways, as well as circular options, ovals and many more. Really, the sky’s the limit in terms of design and even use within your garden. They can also be combined with other garden structures, including pergolas and gazebos, to create a truly unique setting in your yard.



Image Source: diygarden.co.uk


Image Source: lushome.com


There’s nothing quite like swaying in a hammock while relaxing with a good book or a beverage, while the sun shines down and the breeze cools you. Not only are hammocks ideal for relaxation, but they can make eye-catching garden structure ideas. There’s a wealth of options out there, ranging from metal and wood framed hammocks that can accommodate one or two people, to attaching hammocks to the uprights of a pergola.

When you’re not using the hammocks, the pergola can be used for other things, including group seating during parties or events. If you really want to draw the eye, add a patio or deck beneath your hammock with a stylish roof overhead.



Image Source: flickr.com


Image Source: gardenspabataima.blogspot.com


Image Source: pinterest.com


A spa can consist of just a hot tub placed in your back yard for relaxation and enjoyment, or it can contain the whole spa experience. It can be enclosed, covered, or open to the stars. Check out the at home spa guide if you want to incorporate more into your spa experience.



Image Source: flickr.com


Image Source: flickr.com


A terrace is a patio area that is attached to the house. It is typically raised above ground level and generally does not have a roof. (This is not addressing the issue of a sloped area that requires terracing for use and erosion prevention.)


Living Teepees

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Whether you’re interested in using them to grow vining vegetables like cucumbers or pole beans, or you’re trying to add a bit of fun and whimsy to a children’s garden, living teepees are excellent garden structure ideas. They can cost very little, and can provide some pretty substantial benefits.

Really, these are nothing more than teepees made from bamboo (or a long-lasting hardwood). If you have bamboo growing at your home, you can harvest it, or you can buy it from a DIY store if you prefer. You’ll need several uprights, but the exact number (and length) will depend on how large you want the teepee to be, as well as how open the design is.

Start by roughing out where you’ll want the teepee. Put the bamboo poles together (bind the top loosely with twine if necessary) and then mark where each upright will sit. You can do this with a stone, a pile of sand, or by scoring the earth. Make sure you leave room for a doorway/entrance.

To ensure that the teepee is as stable as possible, you’ll need to dig a hole for each of the uprights. Put the pole in place, leaned to the appropriate angle, and then add rocks or soil to support it. Continue doing this until all the poles are in the ground. Now, you’ll need to connect them. Again, twine can work, but you might want to use something that will weather better (metal wire can work).

If you want a completely enclosed teepee (other than the doorway), you’ll need to interweave other sticks or branches horizontally between the vertical uprights. Then, choose what sort of vine you’ll grow. You have many options, from vegetables like cucumbers to gourds to flowering vines. Plant the seeds at the base of the uprights and water them in, then keep them watered as they grow. Eventually, the vines will climb the teepee, creating a secluded hideaway for your little ones, or an interesting structure for your yard.



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A trellis is a framework of wooden, bamboo, and/or metal strips or bars, often woven, welded, or tied together to support climbing plants.



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A pavilion is a temporary or semi-permanent structure used in gardens. A pavilion is typically a large and airy garden room with a high peaked roof similar to a large canopy.



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An obelisk is a four-sided tapering structure that can be used to support climbing plants and vines. Plans are available to build an Obelisk. Most obelisks are solid structures such as the one pictured below.

40 Amazing Outdoor Garden Water Fountains Ideas

40 Amazing Outdoor Garden Water Fountains Ideas

Want to increase unique elements to your backyard? Choose some of the unique DIY fountains! However, if you have no idea how to make a fountain, don’t be afraid. Here you want to create our favorite DIY outdoor fountain, and beautiful options that you can buy. From DIY fountains made from flower pots to homemade fountains that rival store-bought renditions, these easy and unique projects are about to refresh your garden of some sort. Not only that, observe more inspirations of our best back garden makeup, which of course wants to impress your guests throughout the heat.

Almost all the world’s population feels a calming effect. Whether you are sorting out to buy affordable premade fountains or deciding to build it yourself, you certainly want to get some of the great inspiration from these captivating features that highlight a very significant element of nature.

Do you understand that you can make your own outdoor fountain with only a portion of cheap supplies? Be creative in using your ship, and save your shopping budget for items that are not displayed.

The water feature brings a touch of calm to your page, and also is a useful bonus for your area. Not only is the water droplets a peaceful and relaxing sound, the water shares attractive energy for birds and other useful creatures to your garden.

A fresh page does require a beautiful fountain to make all the designs feel more complete and polished. The clean fountain design is perfect for every minimalist page, but can introduce the best in every landscape. You really can let your individual style lead when you arrive at a modern fountain because there are so many amazing designs to be selected.


DIY Splashes Water Feature

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Splashes of beautifully fresh water pumping right from the middle of a wooden wall installed in the backyard adds that perfect resort-like essence to your home, while bright white statues introduce some extra splendor.


Amazing Vortex Water Feature

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This visually appealing project can be perfect addition to any interior and yard. It is very easy to build and has that soft water sound that can help you relax instantly.


Simple Urn Fourtain